Join the Tag it Program

Children learn early in life that getting tagged means “they’re it!” On a social media website, “tagging” identifies a person by name. Let’s come together in a collective show of support to say “thank you” to every educator in attendance by tagging all 1,700 seats in the theatre!

For only $25, you can tell a deserving teacher that he/she matters, and that you value the investment teachers make in the lives of students. Our hard-working teachers deserve an evening of appreciation and personal challenge. This annual evening of inspiration includes dinner and a special gift….all provided by you!

Tag a teacher, a coach, a friend, a school. You may opt to honor someone who made a significant difference in your life- perhaps a teacher, a coach, or youth pastor helped you become the person you are today. Tags may be given in honor of… or in memory of…so TAG someone special. Let’s tell our teachers that we believe “They’re IT!”

Starting at only $25.

If you would like to Tag an individual or group please download our PDF to learn how.

Become a Community Partner

  • Community partners are an integral part of our organization. With the continued financial support of area businesses and organizations, we are able to provide ongoing support for area educators at a time when they need it most.
  • If you’d like your business to be added to our growing list of community partners, we look forward to partnering with you!
  • To review Reach Them’s partnership levels and consider being a part of building a dream, download our PDF.