Who we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going

Reach Them to Teach Them

What if…? is a powerful question, but only when the response is taking action. God planted a seed in the heart of a middle school teacher that grew into what would become Reach Them to Teach Them!

The success of Reach Them to Teach Them is due to countless answered prayers, a tireless army of committed volunteers, and generous individual and corporate supporters. Our team continues to grow every year, and we have a place for you to join us!

Reach Them to Teach Them has no paid staff. Every member of our team donates time, talent, resources to appreciate, inspire, and challenge those who serve children. No one draws a salary; no one stands to gain anything the world considers valuable, but the treasure lies in unexpected places, and the returns are exponential.

Our founder prefers to keep her name out of it. This mission isn’t about her; it isn’t about the volunteer “Dream Team”—this mission is ultimately about the calling God has given each of us to reach out to others with love and inspiration. Through the leading of His Spirit, Reach Them to Teach Them events have grown from the basement of a small West Knoxville church to the majestic Tennessee Theatre and beyond. There’s no telling what will happen when a group of committed people believe they’ve been called to change the world!

Why Reach Them?

Reach Them to Teach Them is not just a catchy phrase; it is a call to action. An authentic relationship with a caring adult is vital to the successful development of any child, regardless of race, creed, or socio-economic status. Challenges at home, intense peer pressure, and the relentless onslaught of media are just a few of the powerful forces battling for the hearts of our children.

In order to overcome negative influences and reach their full potential, young people must have at least one caring adult who believes in them, challenges them, and talks with them about what really matters in life: knowledge, faith, character, hope, and love.

Reach Them to Teach Them is not about the mechanics of teaching, but it IS about the BIG difference that can be made when one caring adult steps into the life of a child. *Our mission is to motivate and inspire leaders to equip young people with skills and confidence to reach their maximum potential.

*That’s fancy talk for: We share strategies and methods that have clicked with kids; we will help lift you up when you’re down, and jumpstart your heart when you need a reminder of your why… because all our kids are worth it!